Rocky Island

Island Oyster Bar

Local family run business based on Stradbroke Island with our farm located in Moreton Bay.

About Us


Who we are...

We are a Family run Oyster Farming business with a vision for Moreton Bay,  Queensland Australia ,to produce the finest quality oysters in the world.  We want to make it possible for everyone in our region to have the opportunity to try this truly unique food. 


We believe in the Farm to Plate experience and ensure that all our Oysters are shucked on-site at our venues right before you eat them.  We are also passionate about teaching people the ageold art of 'Shucking' so that everyone can enjoy the unique experience that comes with that.  Our oysters are an integral part of the health of Moreton Bay and supporting us supports the ecology of the bay.      


Our farm is located in Moreton Bay, Queensland.   We grow our oysters year round and have them at various different growth stages.   We took over this farm in 2017 and are looking to double the size of the farm over the next few years.

Fresh Oysters


We sell our oysters to individuals consumers and business's.  Currently we are selling at some Gold Coast and Brisbane markets; with other pick-up locations popping up soon.  See our Order Now section for details.

If you would like to order larger quantities or discuss further, feel free to call or email us.


How can I order Oysters?

The easiest way to place your order is to place your order online.

You can then select your preferred pick-up date and location.

Placing your order online, ensures we harvest sufficeint quantity to meet customer demand.

What if i don't know how to shuck (open) Oysters?

If you don't know how to shuck Oysters we can shuck them for you, so they are ready to eat.

Alternatively we have Oyster Shucking knives available and we are happy to demontrate.

It's quite easy to do.

How fresh are your Oysters?

Our Oysters are farmed less than 50km from our markets.  We dont freeze our oysters.  They are pulled from the ocean the day before market.  It doesnt get any fresher.

Is delivery available?

At the moment we are still developing our systems to see how best we can meet the delivery market.

Please email us if you have a large order and we can try work out a delviery for you.

Hungry for Oysters?